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Visiting Speaker Lecture Series


In addition to the core Regenerative Medicine Course lectures, a series of lectures by internationally renowned invited speakers will afford students the opportunity to learn from world leaders in the field of regenerative medicine.
A total of 48 renowned speakers have given lectures from 2002 - 2018.


Regenerative Medicine Speakers at a Glance

  • Dr. Philip Newsome, University of Birmingham - Stem cell therapy for liver disease: tales of the unexpected

  • Dr. Frank Pagani, University of Michigan - LVAD support as a Framework for Stem Cell Therapy

  • Dr. Johnny Huard, University of Pittsburgh - Regenerative Medicine based on Muscle Stem Cells

  • Dr. Megan Sykes, Colombia University - Induction of Transplantation Tolerance

  • Dr. James Landers, University of Virginia - Microfluidic Systems for Genetic Analysis

  • Dr. Harald Ott, Harvard University - Organ Engineering

  • Dr. Joseph Leventhal, Northwestern University - Chimerism to Achieve Transplantation Tolerance

  • Dr. Atul Butte, Stanford University – Managing Big Data

  • Dr. Giuseppe Orlando, Wake Forest School of Medicine – How to see Regenerative Medicine: Ally or Competitor?

  • Dr. Samuel Abraham, Nichi In Institute Regenerative Medicine - Regenerative Medicine in Japan: The Nichi-In Institute

  • Dr. Gordon Keller, McEwen Centre for Regenerative Medicine - Translating Human Development to New Therapies with Pluripotent Stem Cells


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