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The CHIR Training Program in Regenerative Medicine will be accepting applications for funding for January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015. Competition guidelines and application forms are provided below:

2015 Training Program Document for RENEWALS
2015 Training Program Application Form for RENEWALS

The TPRM aims to provide training in all aspects of regenerative medicine. The funded fellowships provide successful applicants the opportunity to take part in the Graduate Course in Regenerative Medicine (MSC7000Y), Visiting Speaker Lecture Series, Workshops/Seminars in Advanced Technologies, and also award a stipend to its trainees, who are partaking in a regenerative medicine research project. The scientific teams, supervisors and mentors participating in the TPRM provide a multidisciplinary teaching approach enabling trainees to master important scientific techniques critical to the field of regenerative medicine and to understand the ethical, legal and financial complexities associated with implementation of the science.

In association with the CIHR Institute of Health Research's (CIHR) innovative Strategic Training Initiative in Health Research (STIHR), we are offering the opportunity to receive cutting-edge research training in health research.

The field of regenerative medicine, defined as the practice of repair, regeneration, or replacement of tissues, organs that have failed, has enormous potential to revolutionize diagnostic and therapeutic approaches via the development radical new therapies. This broad field encompasses numerous innovative areas including stem cell gene therapy.

Individuals will have the opportunity to be trained by some of Canada's top researchers at leading institutions in the following areas: immunology and tolerance, molecular biology, stem cell biology, gene therapy, ethics and clinical trials.

We will consider trainees for funding (not exclusively) in the following areas:

  • Transplantation and Immunology
  • Stem Cell Biology
  • Gene Therapy
  • Artificial Organs
  • Ethics
  • Biomaterials

NEW! The TPRM has set a policy in an effort to maximize funding dollars towards as many trainees as possible. 
Applicants who are approved for TPRM fellowships that receive external awards (during the TPRM funding period) will be awarded TPRM funds as follows:
  Post Doctoral Fellows/Health Professionals - $5,000
  Graduate Students (PhD/MSc) - $5,000
  Undergraduate Students (Summer Studentships) - $1,000
This policy is in effect immediately and applies to both New and Renewal applicants.

Duration of Support:
Graduate Students/Post Doctoral Fellows
For those with a Masters/PhD degree (or equivalent), or PhD and health professional degrees, the maximum period of support is three years, and candidates will only be eligible for support until the end of their fifth year for post- PhD training.

Health Professionals
For those with a health professional degree who do not intend to proceed to a PhD degree, the maximum period of support is four years. For those with a health professional degree who intend to proceed to a PhD degree, the maximum period of support to complete the PhD degree is five years (from all federal funding sources) and includes funding received to complete a Master's degree or non-degree research training.

Further information can be found in CIHR's funding Guidelines for Training Award Programs.

Accepted applicants must Register or Audit the associated Regenerative Medicine course (MSC7000Y) offered across Canada through the University of Toronto to adhere to the requirements of acceptance. Failure to do so, will withdraw your fellowship support and participation in the program.

Conditions of Acceptance Form

2014 CIHR TPRM Fellowship Trainees listed here.